Tatum Willard is a 30 year professional horseman, trainer, veterinarian assistant and horse world business consultant. He hails from the horse show royalty of the Green/Willard family of the Roadshow Morgans at 10 Star Ranch in Stephenville Texas, where on their 700 acre ranch and multiple training facilities, world champions are bred.

Tatum is an active reserve soldier in the U.S. Army and is always ready to provide his leadership skills for coaching professionals in competition, training equine athletes for show and resolving challenges in any given situation in a confident professional manner.

One amusing horse tale was when he was on a mission in Africa where there was a giraffe on the runway preventing their supply plane from landing, Tatum removed the machine gun from his Humvee, got into the turret with a rope and proceeded to lasso the giraffe to get it off the runway! It was their ration plane and they were ready for a BBQ! #giddyUP