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Quad Value Pak – Show Horse Hair Care


We love offering special pricing for those who are embracing our full line of products in a single purchase.



This Value Pak ensures the best coat and mane for your horse.

Quad A Bath washes away mud, dirt, sweat, drying protein fillers, and other residual grooming products. Quad A Bath also brightens and whitens the coat, mane, and tail.
Follow with Quad B Luster Base.

Quad B Luster Base provides maximum moisturizing for a rich-looking soft-to-the-touch coat and keeps the mane and tail tangle-free with show shine brightness.
Follow with Quad C Enhancer.

Quad C Enhancer ensures the coat, mane, tail, and hoofs are strengthened which helps keep them healthy-looking and full of shine. Quad C Enhancer also protects from the sun and other environmental exposure.
Follow with Quad D Groom & Shine.

Quad D Groom & Shine protects the coat, mane, tail, and hoofs with a tremendous shine that reveals a natural healthy appearance. Extra rich show coat moisturizing agents repel dirt and stains.


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